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Your One Stop Shop for all your Gaming,Toys& Drones Needs: Jumbo Electronics, UAE

Welcome to Jumbo's World of Gaming Products

We at Jumbo have made a comprehensive list of gaming products for all your gaming needs, so you spend less time searching and more time enjoying the gaming experience. You can use these to play a range of games like the FIFA 21 video game, Gears 5, Super Mario and others on a gaming console of your choice.

Gaming PCs

For all the pro gamers out there, it is essential to get yourself a high-end desktop CPU so that you don't face hiccups while gaming. Our platform enables you to find some of the best hardware and customize Gaming PC, to get the option that's best suited for your needs. You can find high-end gaming PCs like the Dell Alienware and the Aurora i7. A desktop is a long-term investment, so be sure to check all the hardware and software features to make sure it is capable enough to meet all your requirements.

Gaming Monitors

A monitor of some kind is a must for gaming. Without it, there will be no visual aspect to the game. You can find gaming monitors from well-known brands such as LG, MSI, and HP. Here you will find a variety of options to choose from, including ultra-wide and full HD monitors. A full HD monitor provides rich detail and dynamic colours, whereas an ultra-wide monitor really helps to immerse you more in the game; the choice is yours. You can also find a combination of both. If you're planning to buy a new monitor, make sure to have a look at it first by visiting any of our offline stores and see whether it is of the right type and size that you're looking for.

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are a blessing for those who want to play games on the move or for those who do not have the budget to buy a gaming desktop. If you are an avid gamer, this laptop might be just a perfect fit for you. Gaming laptops are extremely beneficial because of their desktop-like performance and portability. Some of the most notable gaming laptop series you can purchase on our website include the Dell Alienware series, the Asus ROG, and the Lenovo Legion series. To buy a gaming laptop, we suggest making sure you know your CPU, GPU, RAM requirements and how much storage space you need.

Gaming Consoles

Video game consoles or simply gaming consoles have existed for a long time. Over the years, they have evolved, taken new shapes and forms, and have blown away people with their amazing features. Gaming consoles in 2022 are just as powerful as a gaming desktop or laptop, and newest upgrades like the Sony Playstation 5 or the new Xbox 2022 are superlative in terms of performance and value for money. All the consoles are excellent in their own right; as it depends on the customers' taste and preference when it comes to choosing the one they like the most. Whether you choose the latest gaming consoles like Sony PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or the Nintendo Switch, you will enjoy all that these products have to offer. A great way you could choose which console you want to purchase is by seeing all the different games that can be played on it. You can find the FIFA 21 for Xbox One, or buy Playstation online to play this and other latest gaming titles.

Gaming Mouse & Keyboards,Joysticks & Controllers,Gaming Titles,Gaming Speakers,Gaming Headphones,Virtual Reality Gaming

The mouse and the keyboard are two of the most important accessories to any gaming setup. Without them, you would not be able to play a game properly. A mouse is used in a game for many reasons, such as seeing different parts of the game and navigating throughout. A keyboard helps you move around with the direction keys and helps other gaming functions depending on the game. You will find many gaming mouse and keyboards specifically designed and crafted to enhance your gaming experience on our online store. You can also buy quality mousepads to ensure comfort and grip. All these products are made by brands like Razer, Corsair, SteelSeries, MSI, and Logitech. If you need to buy a mouse or a keyboard, make sure to look at other people's reviews online to see whether they are exactly the type you are looking for.People who use joysticks are often the ones who have been playing games for the longest of time. Gaming joystick controllers existed even before keyboards or mice were used for gaming. So, it is no surprise that many people still love using them. They provide a completely different gaming experience as compared to keyboards. Gaming joysticks are most often used with gaming consoles, but they can also be connected to a desktop or laptop. With time, companies like Razer, Sony, Logitech, and Microsoft have built newer and better controllers to satisfy the modern gamer's needs. When buying a joystick controller, make sure it is compatible with the device you want to use.Gaming titles refer to the games themselves. They are usually in CD format for consoles, laptops, and desktops. And you can buy many of the all-time hits from our online store, such as FIFA, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Kart, Call of Duty, and Mortal Kombat, among many others. Many game titles are exclusive to certain platforms and devices, so make sure that if you really like a game and want to buy it, it can be played on the device you plan to use. And on our platform, you can get the best games at amazing discounts. So explore FIFA 21 price in UAE or any other gaming titles of your choice to get one delivered to your home! Sound is an essential part of our lives, let alone games. Buying a great gaming speaker will do wonders for your overall gaming experience. It will provide a more immersive entertainment experience. Some of the speakers also have special lighting features that match the tone of the game scene. When purchasing a speaker, check for different features that you want, such as bass control, lighting controls, etc.Speakers are great! But what if you're disturbing someone? Gaming headphones are built to serve this purpose, as they get the job done and ensure optimum audio so you are fully aware of all that's happening in your game. Explore the Playstation Pulse 3D wireless headset and other gaming accessories that allow you to fully immerse yourself in your game while, at the same time, not disturbing others. Many of them also have attached or built-in microphones for audio input, coupled with comfortable earmuffs. At Jumbo, we provide you with many options to choose from when it comes to a gaming headset. You can also find wireless Bluetooth headsets. There are many different considerations that can affect your buying decision for a headphone. Some things to keep in mind would be the price, brand, availability of a microphone, and comfort.Virtual reality gaming is a recent development in the gaming sphere. And it is as exciting as it sounds! With a virtual reality headset, you can completely immerse yourself in the game. With it, you will feel like you are living in the game. The technology is relatively new, and advancements are being made every day. Currently, some of the brands that you can buy a VR headset from include Sony, HTC, Samsung, and Lenovo. And guess what, all of these are available here at Jumbo, very easily. Choosing a VR headset is not an easy job. There are a lot of factors that can affect your buying decision. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to better understand which VR headset you would want to buy.