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Buy Refrigerators Online at the Best Price Dubai UAE

Refrigerators are no more about keeping things cold. They have become a style symbol and add up to the interior décor of a household. Your refrigerator can come in all sizes and shapes with features like powerful cooling, energy savings, intelligent settings, and a huge amount of space. Buy Jumbo has a large collection of modern refrigerators from some of the top electronic brands in the world. 

On the Jumbo website (as well as stores), you will find brands like Hisense, Teka, Siemens, SMEG, Hitachi, Bosch, Samsung and more. Each of these brands are stalwarts of the electronics industry and create incomparable products with all the latest features and some attractive price tags. 

Buy Refrigerators: Top Mount Refrigerator, Bottom Mount Freezer, Side to Side Fridge, Single Door Fridge 

Top Mount Refrigerator: The top freezer refrigerator has the freezer above the food compartment. Top mount freezer is amongst popular refrigerators. The top freezer refrigerator has a fresh food compartment makes it ideal for smaller kitchens. 

Bottom Mount Freezer: The bottom freezer is the best for those who use the bottom freezer more than the upper compartment. Bottom Freezer comes with a lot of adjustable shelves to sort and pack groceries, bottles of pickles and jam. Bottom freezers help to keep the fridge clutter free. 

Side to Side Fridge: This type of a fridge has a fresh food section on one side, with the freezer on another. The side-by-side fridge design allows for access to all the chilled items. Compared, to single door fridge, it generally requires less space, making it suitable for less spacious kitchens. 

Top Brands Fridges Online Stylish Design and Features: Samsung, Hitachi, Siemens, SMEG, Bosch, Hisense

Hisense Fridge: Hisense refrigerators have adjustable spill proof shelves and have the unique no frost technology. The enlarged freezer ensures that you can store all your weekly purchased meals in one place without any stress. Hisense refrigerators also have a large vegetable rack to store veggies and keep them fresh. 

Siemens Fridge: Top-selling Siemens refrigerators in UAE at discounted prices at A few good options are Siemens side by side refrigerator, Siemens Bottom Freezer and Siemens Upright Fridge. You can buy Siemens refrigerator in UAE according to your needs as well as the amount of space you have in your kitchen. If you have an open kitchen, you can always go for large-sized fridges that can easily become a part of your dining space if needed. If you love a particular fridge design and you are renovating, you can always create your kitchen setup around it. 

SMEG Fridge: SMEG is a highly acclaimed Italian Brand that makes world-class domestic appliances. This brand was established in the year 1948, and since then, it has become a popular name in the world of kitchen appliances. At Jumbo, you will find various products manufactured by this brand along with the latest models of refrigerators. If you want to buy a SMEG refrigerator in UAE that will fit cosily in your compact kitchen, you can checkout SMEG single door refrigerator that has a capacity of 135 L. This refrigerator has a retro design and is available in multiple colour options. SMEG also manufactures some highly efficient mid-sized and large refrigerators to serve different types of households. 

Terim Fridge: Terim is well known for its advanced cooking solution not only for its home and for its commercial usage. Terim refrigerators have a considerable storage capacity and energy saving interiors. The Manual Defrost feature also leads to energy saving. 

Jumbo Electronics store is a popular electronics store that provides the lowest refrigerator price in UAE on some of the top-notch international brands. It supports its brand quality with extraordinary service in the form of highly trained, courteous staff members both at its brick-and-mortar stores and online store.