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Your One Stop Shop for all your Office Automation Needs: Jumbo Electronics, UAE

Office Automation Products - Printers, Projectors & Monitors for Your New Workplace

Office automation is the best method for managing repetitive and tedious work. It gives offices a chance to become smart and in turn, save time and efforts in processes. Automation covers every sector of a company, right from the coffee machine to the office doors, to help its employees focus on work while everything else is managed by gadgets and networking systems. Office automation products cover new smart office automation equipment such as printers, monitors, gaming monitors, projectors, etc. Jumbo is home to some of the best brand monitors, HD projectors, ultrawide monitors and more. With its commitment to superior quality, Jumbo brings to you only the top brands in the world along with the best prices of projectors and some of the most unbelievable monitor prices in the UAE. Read on to find out more about how Jumbo can help you automate your office with just a few clicks.

List of Office Automation Products Available at Jumbo

Jumbo has a separate section for office automation products. Here, you will find all the best of printers, 3D printers, monitors, projectors and inks and cartridges. Some of the top brands that you will come across in this segment are HP, Canon, LG, Sindoh, Samsung, LG and more.


Projectors are a must for offices that have a penchant for presentations, videos and other modes of formal visual communication. At Jumbo, you will find projectors of all capacities coming from some of the top-rated projector brands. In the projector segment, you will find mini projectors and home theatre projectors, along with other common options. You can browse through the projectors according to their brand or price tag.


Offices cannot survive without monitors. They can be the typical PC monitors, or the ones used for security display. At Jumbo, you will find a wide range of monitors covering curved monitors, portable monitors and even ultra-wide monitors! One very good option that you must consider is Samsung monitors. Some other top monitor brands include BenQ and LG. Every product in the segment has been listed at surprising prices and you might also get some exciting freebies with your choice of monitor. Jumbo has a monitor for every requirement. You can choose from a range of small monitors such as BenQ Zowie for your home or you can go for a Samsung 49 inch Curved QLED Gaming Monitor to play your favourite games non-stop, without tiring your eyes. Buy monitors online on the Jumbo website and enjoy some of the best prices in the UAE.


Can you think of a smart office without a printer? No, right? A printer, scanner or an all-in-one is what makes it easy to execute processes from end-to-end. It takes care of all types of paperwork such as contracts, deals, offers, mergers and so many other exciting processes at the workplace. Jumbo’s printer segment is loaded with some of the best and latest printers from the top printer brands like Brother, Canon and HP. In this segment, you will also find the latest 3D printers like the Sindoh 3D printer. Some popular options include Brother Multifunction All in One Printer, Canon Pixma All in One Printer and HP Deskjet Plus Ink Advantage. If you are looking to buy printers online, head straight to the Office Automation page on the Jumbo website and choose your favourite products at exciting prices.

Buy Office Automation Products in the UAE at Jumbo

If you are opening a new office or redoing your old one, you must buy office automation products online at Jumbo. On this website, you will find all the latest products from top electronic brands. What’s more? With Jumbo, you can shop online without stepping out of your home and get all your products delivered to your doorstep. If you need help, you can always talk to the expert team at Jumbo. The product and brand experts will be happy to help you bag the right products that will fulfil your needs and also fit into your budget.