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Shop Online for Mouse and Keyboards in UAE from Jumbo Electronics

In a world of technology where accuracy and speed are critical, the right mouse and keyboard are necessary. The UAE consumer segment is offered various wired and wireless mice and keyboards by Jumbo Electronics, which is a renowned name in the electronics market. For either a professional gamer, working in the field of creativity or even somebody who needs consistent peripherals for routine tasks Jumbo Electronics has it all set to cater.

Buy the Latest Wired and Wireless Mouse in 2024:

Jumbo Electronics knows how crucial a functional mouse is and provides choices for every type of user.

However, whether you are looking for a wireless mouse that makes using laptops more convenient and easy or need precise performance during gaming as well as professional work then Jumbo Electrons gives top brands like Logitech HP and Razer.

- Logitech Mouse: Visit the latest Logitech wireless and Bluetooth mice such as G502 for gamers, among others ideal for MacBooks.

- HP Mouse: Wired and wireless HP mice, including gaming models with side buttons for increased functionality, are available from Jumbo Electronics.

- Razer Mouse: Immerse yourself in gaming with Razer mice like the Razer DeathAdder V2. Wired and wireless options are made for accuracy and speed.

Whether you need an advanced gaming mouse, a reliable work mouse, or the ideal keyboard that fits your demands Jumbo Electronics gives different varieties to choose from.

What is the Best Type of Keyboard for You?

With keyboards, the options are limitless. Jumbo Electronics simplifies decision-making by offering three main types: Mechanical, Membrane, and Foldable keyboards.

1. Mechanical Keyboard: In terms of audible clicks and tactile feedback, mechanical keyboards are a preferred choice by gamers and typists alike. The durability and customization of these keyboards are what make them a favourite for people who desire premium typing.

2. Membrane Keyboard: However, membrane keyboards provide a more affordable and quieter option. Designed for use in offices and other high-use spaces, these keyboards have a membrane underneath the keys that provides a softer feel. They are also spill-proof, adding to their functionality.

3. Foldable Keyboard: Jumbo Electronics provides foldable keyboards for those who are always on the go. These keyboards are convenient as they are compact and portable. It is because they are easy to fit in bags allowing travellers and remote employees to work at their convenience on-the-go.


1. What gaming mouse is recommended?

For advanced gaming, Jumbo Electronics suggests mice by Logitech, HP, and Razer.

2. Which mouse is most suitable for work?

For work, a wireless mouse in the Logitech range or an HP mouse with side buttons for productivity can be used.

3. Are mechanical keyboards better?

Since mechanical keyboards are more resilient and offer tactile feedback, this type of equipment can be used by gamers or typists as an excellent tool.