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Apple Watch Ultra

Buy Apple Watch Ultra Online at the Best Prices in Dubai, UAE

The new Apple Watch Ultra is an instant success among athletes and other outdoor enthusiasts. Its rugged and tough exterior won praise, as the product can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. It is an entirely new design reimagined with extraordinary capabilities, and Apple designed it specifically for exploration, adventure and endurance. Pre-order Apple Watch Ultra on Jumbo no matter where you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

Apple Watch Ultra's Specs

This is the biggest of all Apple watches with a 49 mm dial. Apple Watch Ultra has an Always-On Retina display with 2000 nits brightness. It is made of titanium and is corrosion-resistant, and Apple's Ultra is also water-resistant up to 100 m. It comes with three different bands like the alpine loop, trail Loop and ocean band. Each of these can be used for specific areas like mountains or underwater.

Apple Watch Ultra is known for having a longer battery life than other Apple watches. It stays up to 36 hours under normal usage and lasts for 60 hours in low power mode with a bright red colour display at night.

Apple Watch Ultra Features

  • Wayfinder watch face: The new Wayfinder watch will let you slide into compass on the dial, which has room for eight other information sliders on display. With Wayfinder, you can see the latitude, longitude, elevation and incline through the digital crown. The new Workouts app can also detect stride length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation and many more on the watch face . All these advanced features will help athletes and adrenaline rush lovers.

  • Digital crown: The digital crown on Apple watches lets the users slide into different apps, scroll across the screen and use Siri. In the latest Ultra, you can use the digital crown to track metrics during your training hours. It includes heart rate, cadence, calory burn, pace and power, and it also specifies the intensity of each workout.

  • Ready for Action: The 'Ready for Action' button can be found near the GPS sensor on the left side, in international orange colour. This feature enables you to transition to different workout styles to let you know which suits you best. You can also adjust this button to backtrack your way, as it tracks and saves the way in which you travel.

  • Precision dual‑frequency GPS: The GPS tracker uses two frequencies, L1 and L5, for GPS tracking, and this helps you find the correct place, pace and distance.

  • Dual speakers and a three-microphone array: The microphone in the Apple Watch Ultra filters the background noise and ensures that what you speak is clear to your listener. This comes in handy whenever you are in windy areas. The speakers also claim to work better than the previous models of Apple Watch 6 and 7.

  • Siren: One speaker in the Apple Watch Ultra is a siren that gives out an 86-decibel sound during emergencies. The Ready for Action button is used to initiate this, and the frequency is high and travels up to 600 feet away.

  • Depth gauge: Apple Watch Ultra Has an Oceanic+ app that many recreational swimmers and divers use. This feature detects depth, currents, visibility, and tides underwater. You can also dive up to 40 meters with the help of this feature, which makes the watch water-resistant. Apple Watch Ultra is also certified to EN 13319, an internationally recognised standard for diving accessories.

  • Cellular activity :You can contact anyone without your iPhone for up to 18 hours through Apple Watch Ultra.

  • Fall and crash detection: Like the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra has specific software features like a three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer. These help you to detect impending accidents like crashes.

  • Emergency SOS: When you undergo any emergency like a crash, the feature 'Emergency SOS' waits for some time to respond to its alert. If not, it immediately sends a signal to your emergency contact, indicating help.

  • Health and wellness: Keeping your health and physical fitness in mind, the latest Apple Watch Ultra also possesses heart rate, ECG and oxygen level apps. If there is any heart rate fluctuation, the Health app sends you a signal for a medical emergency. You can also store information about all these levels for your future reference.

  • Women's Health: The temperature sensors under the dial help detect overnight temperature changes if worn. These sensors are also greatly helpful in tracking women's ovulation and menstrual cycle. It also shows the 'retrospective information' of your last ovulation cycle.

  • Sleep tracking: While worn overnight, the Apple Watch Ultra tracks information about your REM, Core and Deep sleep cycles. Along with this, you can also see other metrics like heart rate and respiratory rate.

  • Medications feature :To keep your medication cycle on track, you can utilise this Medications app. This will track and save information on your medicines and other vitamin supplements. You can also create a custom schedule to remind you of critical medicine or vitamin stocking or indicate when you should consume these.

Let us compare Apple Watch Ultra with other models to know what suits you best.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE

Specifications Apple Watch 8 Apple Watch SE Apple Watch Ultra






Always-on retina OLED, nearly 20% more screen area than SE

Retina OLED

Always-on retina OLED, 2000 nits peak, nearly 27% more screen area than SE

Display resolution

352x430 (41mm), 396x484 (45mm)

324x394 (40mm); 368x448 (44mm)



Water resistance (50m)

Water resistance (50m)

Diving (40m), water resistance (100m), MIL-STD 810H7, IP6X dust resistance


Temperature, blood oxygen, electrical heart, optical heart, compass, always-on altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS/GNSS, ambient light

Optical heart, compass, always-on altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS/GNSS, ambient light

Depth, temperature, blood oxygen, electrical heart, optical heart, compass, always-on altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS/GNSS, ambient light

Safety features

Crash detection, fall detection, noise monitoring, emergency SOS, international emergency calling

Crash detection, fall detection, noise monitoring, emergency SOS, international emergency calling

80-decibel siren, crash detection, fall detection, noise monitoring, emergency SOS, international emergency calling


Aluminum: midnight, starlight, silver, red; stainless steel: silver, graphite, gold; titanium: natural, space black

Aluminum: midnight, starlight, silver

Natural titanium

Battery life

Up to 18 hours (36 hours in low power mode)

Up to 18 hours

Up to 36 hours (60 hours in low power mode)


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, W3 wireless chip, U1 chip, optional LTE

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, W3 wireless chip, optional LTE

LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.3, W3 wireless chip, U1 chip


32 GB

32 GB

32 GB

Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

While Apple's Ultra is rectangular, Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is circular. However, the Apple Watch Ultra is more rugged and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The screen for the Ultra is 1.9, while it is 1.4 for Samsung 5 Pro. The brightness of these watches is 2000 nits, and it has an Always-On Retina display.

Apple Watch Ultra wins against Samsung's 5 Pro regarding performance and other health app features. Apple has crash and fall detection and a siren for emergencies, which the different model does not possess. The battery life of Apple's Ultra is also higher than 5 Pro. Though Apple Watch Ultra is more expensive than Samsung, Apple is your safest and best bet.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin

While Apple's Ultra does have exciting features for swimmers and divers, the battery life and GPS tracking are not as efficient as Garmin's. While Garmin is used by demanding core athletes, Apple Ultra is suitable for marathon runners and everyday fitness enthusiasts. However, Garmin's Epix 2 is similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.

These features prove that the next addition to your adventurous self is Apple Watch Ultra!

FAQs on Apple's Watch Ultra

1.Where can I buy Apple Watch Ultra in UAE?

You can find the latest Apple launch on Jumbo at the best prices.

2. How much does the Apple Watch Ultra cost?

The Apple Watch Ultra is around 3199 AED in UAE, $799 in the USA and ₹ 89,899 in India.

3. How big is the Apple Watch Ultra?

The crystal of the Apple Watch Ultra is 49 mm in diameter.

4. What new features does the Apple Watch Ultra have?

The new Apple Ultra Watch has made safety its top priority. You can alert someone with an 86-decibel siren when in an emergency. With the L1 + L5 GPS option with high frequency, you can find any place you want on the Maps with the most accurate tracking system. Another new feature of this watch is that it's brighter than any other Apple Watch with 2000 nits brightness level.

5. What is the price of the Apple Watch Ultra in Dubai?

The Apple Watch Ultra is 3199 AED in UAE.

6. What is the difference between Apple Watch 8 and the Ultra?

Regarding battery life, Apple Watch Ultra is the winner against Apple Watch 8. Ultra can stand up to 60 hours, while Apple Watch 8 can stay for 36 hours. The Apple Watch Ultra series is slightly heavier than the Apple Watch Series 8. The Ultra series also is the most suitable for outdoor activities, instead Apple Watch 8.

7. What is Apple Watch Ultra?

The latest Apple WATCH Ultra is a unique product for fitness and outdoor enthusiasts, gym lovers and athletes. With its latest GPS and emergency features, this series is a definite jackpot for adventure seekers and tech geeks.

8. Does the Apple Watch Ultra have a temperature sensor?

Yes. Apple Watch Ultra has cutting-edge temperature sensors like Apple Watch Series 8.

9. Does Apple Watch Ultra have Cellular?

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with Cellular. You can activate the plan and call anyone without the help of your iPhone.

10. How deep can you dive with the Apple watch Ultra?

With the latest Oceanic+ app in Apple Watch Ultra, you can submerge up to 50 metres, and the safe distance of diving is up to 40 metres.

11. Are Apple Watch Ultra bands compatible?

The Apple Watch Ultra band is compatible with Apple Watch Series 8 and SE with 45 mm and 44 mm, respectively.

12. Is the Apple Watch Ultra a dive computer?

Plan your next fun dive with Apple Watch Ultra, as it measures not just the depth but tides, water temperature, currents and visibility underwater! So yes, it's a dive computer.

13. Is Apple Watch Ultra suitable for diving?

Yes, the new Apple Watch Ultra is suitable for diving.

14. Is Apple Watch suitable for running?

Apple Watch Ultra is yours if you regularly run and jog on a daily basis. You can also wear this during short marathons.

15. Can the Apple Watch Ultra use regular bands?

Yes. Any Apple band used for 45 and 44 mm can also be used for Apple Ultra. Unless your old bands were for 42,44, and 45-mm dials, you can't use those for the apple watch ultra.

16. Will the Apple Watch Ultra bands work with other, older Apple Watch models?

It's about 14.4mm thick! The other bands might not fit. Try it out before buying.

17. Does Apple Watch Ultra have ECG?

Yes, the Apple Watch Ultra has an ECG; you can save it and refer to it whenever you want.

18. How long does the Apple Watch Ultra battery last?

The Apple Watch Ultra has a battery life of 60 hours when you use it in low-power mode.

19. What can the Apple Watch Ultra do?

This watch can be your ideal companion for outdoor activities. It can steadily stand both hot and cold temperatures, with long battery life and an accurate location tracking system with enhanced safety measures.

20. Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin

Apple Watch Ultra and Garmin Epix 2 models are almost identical, with similar features like lasting battery life and functioning.

21. Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Watch 5 Pro

Apple Watch Ultra has more promising features than Samsung 5 Pro. Hence, you can buy Apple's Ultra without any second thoughts.

22. Which is more accurate? Garmin or Apple Ultra?

When it comes to Garmin and Apple Ultra, you can choose Garmin if you are an athlete.

23. Is Apple Watch Ultra a sports watch?

Yes. It is designed for sports and fitness freaks.

24. What is Apple Watch ultrawideband?

Apple has been using this wireless technology since it released iPhone 11. This technology is used to find precise locations and tracking.