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Buy True Wireless Earbuds at the Best Prices Online in Dubai, UAE

True wireless earbuds are gaining popularity due to convenient usage and lightweight design. If you want to buy a new pair of earbuds from top brands this year, head to Jumbo! You can find the leading models at competitive prices with special discounts and offers on the website.    

Offers on Top Brands True Wireless – Apple AirPods, Sony, Bose and Samsung   

Apple Air Pods: There’s a reason for Air Pods being on top for their utility and price. Air Pods are easy to integrate with all the Apple devices like MacBookiPhone and even Apple smartwatch.    

What makes the Air Pods most desirable? It’s their sleek design and easy-to-operate feature. The H2 chip in the latest AirPods Pro (2nd gen) makes the transparency mode a seamless update. The audio quality and noise cancellation are superior.   

Sony: If delivering exceptional audio is Sony’s motto, another is the remarkable battery life of their earbuds, which runs up to 20 hours on a single charge. Are Sony earbuds on your wish list this year? We are sure to spot the WF-1000XM4 in it, as audiophiles love it globally for its build, Quick Attention feature for an auto pause and play, and music upscaling option when the sound is dull.    

Samsung: Samsung’s earbuds come in several striking colors, a great charging case, adaptive dual microphones, extended battery life and 360 audio for an immersive sound experience. The IPX7 water-resistant rating makes the Samsung earbuds most attractive, as you can use them in fresh water for 30 minutes. Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Pro series offer a unique quality ‘voice detect’, which reduces the volume when someone is talking, and this automatic feature goes off when there is no voice near the user.    

Jabra: Jabra reserved its spot in the audio gadget market with better Bluetooth connectivity and quality mics for calls. The brand is famous for easy multi-device pairing and excellent support on the Jabra Sound+ app. The Jabra Elite 7 Pro and Jabra Elite 85T earbuds became an instant hit. These earbuds have exceptional battery life, a comfortable design, a better mic system and a neutral sound profile, a rare quality many prefer with audio products. Another exciting thing to love about Jabra is their budget-friendly models that are true to their claims.   

JBL: JBL products steal the light with their fantastic bass and sound quality. While the JBL headphones are globally renowned, Tune 115TWS, Wave 300 and Tune 230NC are well-known for their sweat-resistant build, ambient sound mode, ‘find earbuds’ feature and two extra mics.   

Bose: What sets Bose wireless earbuds apart in the market is a capable noise-cancelling feature, personalizing sound quality. The company’s firm plastic designs never wear down, even after an extended utility period. The stand-out product from Bose is the QuietComfort earbuds II, an alternative to Air Pods Pro and Sony 1000XM4. The top features of QuietComfort earbuds include mono listening on the right bud, auto play and pause and a fast-charging battery. Bose is also known for their sports earbuds, tailor-made for gym and sports persons, for comfortable wear and incredible audio support.    

Jumbo also has great earbuds from brands like Sennheiser, Anker, Huawei, Bose, Xioami, Skullcandy and more.  

Price of True Wireless Earbuds in Dubai, UAE   

Wireless earbuds are available at all prices, but features like advanced noise-cancelling, superior sound quality, and automatic volume control are found in high-end models only. You can find the perfect earbuds for your budget on Jumbo! 

Budget-friendly (AED 49 to AED 150)   

It’s always better to have budget-friendly models if you don’t want to carry high-end earbuds while travelling. You can find excellent earbuds from JBL, Xiaomi, and My Candy at these prices on Jumbo!    

Mid-range (AED 200 to AED 700)   

Mid-range earbuds are an excellent choice for students and budding audiophiles. You can look up various earbuds and slowly invest in a superior model once you know what you want! Sony Link Buds S, Apple Air Pods Pro, Sennheiser CX 200, and Sony WF-C500 are our recommendations for longer battery life.    

Premium range (AED 700 to AED 1,200)   

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, Marshall Motif, and Merlin Craft Apple Air Pods work well for those who have been crazy about wireless earphones and love to use these for extended periods. You can find various top features in these premium models for a fantastic time and user experience.    

What makes the true wireless earphones the best choice to buy?  

Sound quality: While headphones and earphones are fabulous, earbuds offer immersive sound quality like no other. Anyone using earbuds for the first time will enjoy the clear and well-balanced sound while playing music and watching videos.     

Comfort and convenience: Many can feel discomfort with headphones, which might make them sweat if they wear them for a long time. Many prefer them for comfort and as they are lightweight. Also, since these have no wires, it’s easy to carry and store earbuds anywhere!    

Long battery life: As earbuds are light and have better audio range, many tend to overuse them. However, earbuds don’t disappoint users since their average battery life on single-use is higher.    

Noise-cancelling feature: If you aim to be productive during weekends, earbuds are here to make it right! The noise-cancelling option in earbuds is more intense than in headphones. Hence, you can use these for office calls and other activities where you don’t want to be disturbed.    

Voice control: Earbuds are more than just tools for excellent audio, and the control system these possess is also great. The Autoplay and Pause when someone is speaking, easy volume adjustments, and voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa are other top things to look out for in earbuds.    

Bluetooth connectivity: Earbuds support the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version, that’s suitable for calls. You will notice no lag while using Bluetooth, as they are quick to connect, and playback is constant until you turn those off.    

Water resistance: Unlike other audio gadgets, almost all earbuds are water-resistant with at least an IPX5 rating. You can always plug in earbuds to feel great when you are in the mood for your favorite songs! To enjoy music on the go, be it during your workout sessions or travelling, own the best earbuds from Jumbo!