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Buy Gaming Monitors Online at the Best Prices in Dubai, UAE - Jumbo Electronics

Embark on an excellent gaming journey with cutting-edge monitors for the ultimate gaming experience. Explore a vast collection of gaming monitors, including Samsung PC monitors and curved computer screens, offering the best speed, refresh rate, and resolution. Your gaming experience depends on your monitor's refresh rate, color representation, response time and more. Whether searching for a 24-inch monitor or exploring advanced options like the Odyssey G9, LG Ultra Gear monitor, BenQ ex2780q, Alienware gaming monitors, MSI monitors and more. Shop the perfect gaming monitor at Jumbo Electronics at competitive pricing. Avail the best offers and exclusive deals in Dubai, UAE.

Huge collection of Gaming Monitors with Best Offers - Samsung, LG, BenQ, Asus, Lenovo and More

Samsung Gaming Monitors

Samsung Odyssey G9: Its 49-inch curved screen and a 1000R curve is something for gamers! The Odyssey G9 is fast in response, and with tight curves, the users can enjoy the maximum immersive gaming experience. It has an excellent HDR and always gives rich and bright colors. With its 5120x1440 resolution, you will feel like the game wants you to escape into the actual gaming scene. For a smooth gaming experience, you have a 240 Hz refresh rate, with G-Sync and Free-Sync gaming compatibility. The QLED technology gives excellent picture quality and excellent HDR. This laptop is a dream come true for hardcore gamers who love immersive monitors. 

Samsung Odyssey G7: The Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor is a gaming powerhouse with a 27-inch QLED display and 240Hz refresh rate. The 1000R curvature creates an immersive gaming experience that's very visually appealing. The 1440p resolution ensures sharp, detailed visuals, while HDR600 support gives the users a bright color representation. Its 1ms response time eliminates motion blur, essential while playing competitive online games. The monitor's futuristic design, with Infinity Core Lighting and adjustable stand, is an excellent upgrade over your old gaming monitor.  

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8: The Odyssey Neo G8 features a 4K 240Hz display with mini-LED technology. Be prepared to game with an excellent HDR, characterized by deep blacks and vibrant highlights. Quantum dot technology brings real and vivid colours to the screen while gaming. Its 1000R curve immerses users a great deal. This high-speed monitor supports G-Sync and FreeSync for smooth gameplay. You can buy this for Moody CoreSync lighting and a solid stand adjustment.   

LG Gaming Monitors:

LG Ultragear: The LG Ultra Gear gaming monitor is a great companion for hardcore gamers. Its 27-inch QHD Nano IPS display enjoys a 1ms response time and an impressive 144Hz refresh rate. The HDR10 support enhances the viewing experience with vibrant colors and deep contrasts. Adaptive Sync technology reduces screen tearing for seamless gaming. The monitor has thin bezels and customizable RGB lighting. 

Lenovo Gaming Monitors:

LenovoG34W 10: The Lenovo G34W-10 is well-known for its features among ultrawide gaming monitors. Its massive 34-inch curved display with a 3440x1440 resolution is an excellent monitor for immersive gaming. The 21:9 aspect ratio gives users an impeccable viewing angle while gaming. With a 144Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology, the G34W-10 ensures smooth and tear-free gameplay. With HDR support, the VA panel's deep blacks and vibrant colors make for a great gaming session. The minimalist design, thin bezels, and adjustable stand are all additional best features of this monitor.  

Lenovo G24 10: The Lenovo G24-10 stands out with its 24-inch Full HD display. With a rapid 144Hz refresh rate and a swift 1ms response time, it ensures smooth gameplay. The AMD FreeSync technology further enhances the visual experience by eliminating screen tearing. The G24-10 impresses with its affordability, making it an excellent choice for gamers seeking a budget-friendly option, Thereby not making a compromise on crucial gaming features and performance. 

Lenovo Legion Y27f-30 : The Lenovo Legion Y27f-30 offers a 27-inch curved display for a fantastic gaming experience. The visuals look sharp with a Full HD resolution, and the 165Hz refresh rate ensures exceptionally smooth gameplay. The NVIDIA G-Sync support reduces screen tearing and provides a gaming session. Its sleek design and customizable RGB lighting are an excellent gaming aesthetic. The Legion Y27f-30 excels visually and performs well, too. 

Asus Gaming Monitors:

Asus Tuf AG27VQ: Asus Tuf AG27VQ features a 27-inch 1440p 165Hz IPS display with a variable refresh rate that makes for a great monitor size and refresh rate for a gaming monitor. It has ELMB-Sync, which allows you to use adaptive variable refresh and blur-reducing backlight. With its 165 Hz refresh rate and several other advanced features, you can get this at a steal deal in the market. Compared to the company's ROG monitors, Tuf models are affordable.  The ports present are usual, but you need the DisplayPort to support 165 Hz since the ones available only support a 145 Hz refresh rate. The laptop's build is robust, the colors are subtle, and you don't feel like they are too bright while playing high-graphics games. Its response time is good, its brightness is decent, and it works for all types of games.   

Asus Rog Swift PG279Q: The Asus Rog Swift PG279Q has a G-Sync variable refresh rate functionality, allowing you to run games at any frame rate without worrying about tearing, stuttering, or frame pacing. Its 27-inch screen works wonders for playing all games. Though it is 144 Hz, you can work it up to 165 Hz without issues. It features an IPS LCD screen, which delivers decent color representation, contrast and viewing angles. Though it looks extremely slim, while the red lights are on, the monitor owns your desk and sets a fantastic view and vibe for gaming!   You may feel this laptop is expensive, but it gives just what all gamers want - pleasing colors, excellent balance and a great gaming experience! 

Asus VG248QG: The Asus VG248QG monitor has a rapid pixel response time with no trailing. Hence, you won't find any delay while playing high-speed games. Investing in this model includes peak brightness when needed, a fast response time of 3.2 ms, excellent ergonomics, AMD FreeSync support and NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility. Its full HD screen is the most liked aspect of this model, which you can't get for a reasonable price. 

BenQ Gaming Monitors:

The BenQ EX2780Q is an excellent choice for a premium gaming experience. Its 27-inch 1440p IPS display makes the visuals sharp and vibrant with HDR support. The integrated 2.1-channel speaker system, featuring a subwoofer, delivers immersive audio. The 144Hz refresh rate and FreeSync technology ensure smooth gaming performance. The BenQ EX2780Q excels in providing an overall high-quality multimedia experience. 

Mobiuz EX2710S: The Mobiuz EX2710S stands out as an exceptional gaming monitor, combining performance and visual excellence. With a 27-inch Full HD display and a speedy 165Hz refresh rate, it delivers smooth and responsive gameplay. The IPS panel ensures vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, enhancing the visual experience. Its Adaptive Sync technology minimizes tearing and stuttering for seamless graphics. The inclusion of dedicated gaming features, like the Black eQualizer and customizable crosshair overlays, is for every gamer out there!  To buy the best gaming monitors in Dubai, visit the Jumbo website!  

Gaming Monitors Price in Dubai, UAE

Gaming monitors Models
Price in UAE*
Samsung SM-LS34BG850SMXUE G8 34" OLED 0.3ms 175Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
AED 4,299
Lenovo Legion Y27qf-30 27" 250hz 0.5ms Gaming Monitor - Raven Black
AED 1,649
LG 27UQ750-W 4K 27" 4ms 144Hz Gaming Monitor
AED 1,649
BenQ 24.5" EX2510 MOBIUZ 1ms IPS 165Hz Gaming Monitor
AED 1,149
ASUS TUF VG246H1A 24'' 0.5ms 100Hz Gaming Monitor
AED 549

*The price reflected is as of January 24th, it is subject to change. Please check the price on live site.


Which type of monitor is best for gaming?

Buy a monitor with a reasonable refresh rate (higher than 60 Hz), better resolution, at least 1080p, and several ports since connecting your gaming console, PC, and other devices simultaneously will be easy.  

What is a 4K gaming monitor?

A 4K gaming monitor has a horizontal resolution four times higher than the normal 1920*1080 pixels. This resolution allows the users to see even the tiniest details on the screen while playing. For an immersive gaming experience, you can invest in a good 4K gaming monitor.  

What monitor specs do you need for gaming?  

While buying monitors for gaming, ensure that you buy one of the largest sizes. The higher the monitor size, the higher the resolution is. 24 inches has 1,920x1,080 pixels, and 27 to 32 inches has 2,560x1,440 pixels, and so on. Look for a high refresh rate (e.g., 144Hz or higher) and low response time (1 ms or lower). Additionally, consider adaptive sync technologies like G-Sync or FreeSync to reduce screen tearing for a smoother gaming experience.   

Which is the Best Gaming Monitor from AED 1000 to AED 2500?

Within the AED 1000 to AED 2500 range, you can go for ASUS VG279Q. Also, explore the ASUS VG279QM for higher refresh rates and adaptive sync.   

What resolution is best for a gaming monitor? (1080p Gaming Monitor, 1440p Gaming Monitor, 4K Gaming Monitor, Ultra HD Gaming Monitor)

Full HD and QHD are recommended for gaming, which offers a smoother experience without troubling the system's hardware.

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