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Buy Projectors Online at the Best Price in UAE: Epson, BenQ, LG, Samsung

Projectors are an essential requirement both in workplaces and schools. SamsungBenqEPSONLGPhilipsOptomaXiaomi etc., are some of the best brands that offer several gadgets like HD projectors, mini projectors, LCD projectors, and LED projectors. You can buy mobile projectors, android projectors, conference room projectors, and even gaming projectors appropriate for offices, homes and other places as well. 

Living in UAE and want to get the right projector? To guide you on that, this article covers the prices of projectors in UAE and Dubai. Check out the availability of projectors at Jumbo Electronics in this article to help you make an informed choice!

Mini and Portable Projector for Indoor and Outdoor: Buy in UAE 

Listed below are some reasons why mini projectors for Indoor and Outdoor are beneficial for you and why you should buy them: 

  1. 1. Light, compact, and capable: The Full HD Portable mini projectors are pretty light and compact and can be carried along anywhere. 

  1. 2. Easy to take while on the go, travelling, personal or business tour: The Full Portable projectors and mini projectors can be carried easily anywhere you want because they are incredibly lightweight and significantly smaller.  

  1. 3. Brightness: The brightness of the portable and mini projectors can often be controlled to enhance the viewing experience.  

  1. 4. Image Quality: Although mini projectors are smaller than usual, the image quality does not differ. Like the standard projectors, the mini and portable projectors also portray high-quality HD pictures that uplift the viewing experience.

Home Theatre Projectors: 4K Projectors to Enjoy the Big Screen 

Listed below are some features of Home theatre projectors that make them an ideal purchase: 

  1. 1. Gives You the theatre experience: Home theatre projectors give you the experience of a theatre and a great experience of watching Gaming or a sports event.  

  1. 2. Image Resolution: The 4K and 8K home theatre projectors have enhanced image resolution and projectors high definition and high-quality pictures.  

  1. 3. Lamp Life: The home theatre projectors have approximately 2000-4000 hours of lamp life. Therefore, the home theatre projectors have a long lamp life. A longer lamp life enables less cost of maintaining the projectors.  

Samsung the Premiere: Samsung the Premiere is a projector series offered by Samsung. They provide high resolution and enhance image quality. The projectors also have cutting-edge laser technology. With these projectors, you will get the experience of an actual theatre.  

Epson Home Cinema 2150: Epson Home Cinema 2150 projectors are wireless and offer full HD pictures and 2500-lumen brightness. These projectors have excellent image resolution and provide a theatre-like experience at home.  

Best Projector Brands for the Best Viewing Experience 

Listed below are the features of different types of projectors from different companies: 

Samsung Projector: The Samsung Projectors provide a range of features, including high-resolution pictures, long lamp life, and appropriate colour brightness. They also offer a theatre-like experience a home.  

Sony Projector: Sony projectors have light lamps appropriate for education and the corporate world. They also include enhanced brightness, sharp images, and fantastic colour portrayal. In addition, Sony projectors also provide simulation and an excellent visualization experience.  

Epson Projectors: Epson Projectors work on three-chip LCD technology that gives impressive colour to the pictures. The projectors also have an entire chip to process primary colours, unlike other projectors, as a result of which the projects portray incredible and vibrant colours. These projectors also offer astonishing detail to the images displayed and give a larger-than-life theatre experience at home.  

Nebula Projector: Nebula Projectors provides impeccable video and audio that gives an excellent viewing experience and immerses you in the moment. They offer high-quality pictures. With these projectors, you can get the cinematic experience anywhere. They are ideal to use for schools and corporate sectors.  

LG Projector: LG projectors have various features, including built-in batteries, HD LED projectors, impeccable brightness and a wide screen. The projectors run on a wireless connection and provide USB facilities. In addition, the LG projectors are available in various sizes and are portable, which makes them accessible anywhere and anytime.   

Merlin Projector: The Merlin Projectors have a 960x540 pixels resolution and 12 lumens brightness, providing an excellent viewing experience. These projectors run on LCOS optical technology, which offers clear and sharp images. You can use these projectors to get an optimum viewing experience in schools and at the office.  

Vava 4K Laser Projector: Vava 4K laser projector provides 1800 lumens of colour and white brightness, smart capable, laser etc. These projectors provide optimum viewing and cinematic experience at your home with all these features.  

Anker Projector: Anker Projectors provide 720p and 1080p image resolution, 200 ANSI lumens brightness, long-lasting battery life, 8 GB storage, 1.4 HDMI etc. These projectors offer an excellent viewing experience.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which type of projector is best for a home theatre?  

The Epson Home Cinema 2150 is currently the best projector. Other excellent projectors include the Samsung Projectors, Vava Projectors, Merlin projectors, LG projectors, Nebula Projectors etc. 

2. Which type of projector is best for Gaming? 

The best projector for Gaming is Optoma UHD38. Other excellent gaming projectors include Optoma HD39hdr, BenQ TH685P, View Sonic, Optoma UHZ50 and Epson EpiqVisison Ultra LS500.

3. Which type of projector is best for Business presentations? 

The best type of projector for business presentations is the Epson Pro EX10000 3-Chip LCD projector. Other ideal projectors for business presentations include ViewSonic projectors, Kodak Projectors, Samsung projectors, Optmoa projectors etc.

4. How much does a projector cost in UAE? 

The cost of projectors in the UAE ranges from AED 749 to AED 11,550.