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Samsung Washing Machines

Buy Samsung Washing Machine online in UAE

Samsung Washing Machines come with various features that make washing clothes easier. 

The Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine is durable, consumes less power, and uses a gentle wash. The Samsung Smart Washing Machine also comes with an Active Dualwash system that allows you to hand wash your pre-soiled clothes to maintain quality.

The Front Load Washers in the new Samsung washing machines are quick, efficient, and have smart features that make them the best type of washing machine. The Samsung Front Load washing machines dissolve detergent, distribute it evenly among clothes, and make it cleaner. 

Samsung Washers and Dryers allow you to wash and dry clothes using less electricity. The washing machines also care for delicate fabrics. In addition, the Samsung Digital Inverter Washing Machine has strong magnets that reduce friction, making the washing machine smoother and quieter. 

It also has the eco bubble feature that eases the functioning of the machine, which reduces the tension of the water and allows it to mix with the detergent that helps it blend with the clothes.  

The different types of Samsung Washing Machines include Samsung washing machine 7kg, Samsung washing machine 8kg, Samsung washing machine 7kg, Samsung washing machine 9kg, Samsung washing machine 10kg, and Samsung washing machine 18kg.

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Price List of Samsung Washing Machines in UAE

Type Price
Samsung WD11TP04DSB 11.5KG Big Capacity Combo with Quick Drive

AED 4,799

Samsung WD18T6300GV Big Capacity Wash & Dry with AI Control, 18KG/9KG

AED 6,499 

Samsung 12 KG Twin Tub with Ez Wash Tray TM

AED 1,139

Samsung FRONT LOAD 10/7KG Washer Dryer with AI Control

AED 4,099 

Samsung 15 KG Twin Tub Washing Machine

AED 1,339

Samsung 16 KG Heat Pump Dryer with AI Control 

AED 5,999 

Samsung Frontload 8/6KG Washer Dryer with Hygiene Steam

AED 2,999 

Samsung Front Load Washer 9KG 1400RPM with Hygiene Steam

AED 2,279 

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1. Which is the best washing machine in Samsung?

The best washing machine in Samsung is the Samsung Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine.

2. Does the Samsung washer detect load size?

Yes, the Samsung Washer detects load size and instantly adjusts the water level, spin time, rinse time, etc. 

3. What is an EcoBubble Samsung washing machine?

The EcoBubble Samsung Washing Machine enhances the washing experience and reduces water's surface tension, which helps it mix with the detergent. 

4. How many clothes does a 7kg Samsung washer hold?

A 7 Kg Samsung Holds 18 to 20 clothes at a time. 

5. Where do you put detergent in a Samsung washer?

The Samsung Washer has a detergent compartment where you can put the detergent. 

6. How does the Samsung front load washer work?

The Front Load washers fill water to the bottom of the inner tub and then use the gravity and the rotation of the tub to move the clothes. 

7. Are LG or Samsung washers better?

The Samsung Washers are more user-friendly therefore making them better than LG Washers.