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Washing machines

Buy Washing Machine Online in UAE - Jumbo Electronics

Washing machines have become an irreplaceable part of modern lifestyles. While there are plenty of options and brands to choose from, you need to know your preferences to choose wisely. The right choice for you would depend on the number of clothes that you would wash, load features (top or front), general features, and the functionality (automatic or semi-automatic) aspect.

Washing Machine Price UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

Washing Machine Model

Price in UAE*

Miele Front Load Washer WWD 120 WCS 8 kg

AED 5,900.00

Siemens Home Connect 9 Kg Washing Machine, WM14VKH0GC

AED 4,449.00

BOSCH 9 Kg Tumble Dryer WTG86401GC

AED 2,999.00

Hisense Washing Machine A+ + Free-Standing Front-Loading WM - 7KG /1200RPM /Titanium Color/Big Door/16 Prg/ Baby care/Quick wash 2kg in 15m

AED 1,249.00

Teka 8 Kg Condenser Dryer TKS 850 C, 16 Programs, White

AED 1,921.00

Siemens 9 Kg Washing Machine, WG42A1X0GC

AED 2,134.00

BOSCH 10 Kg Front Load HC Washing Machine WAL28PH0GC

AED 3,999.00

BOSCH 8 Kg Tumble Dryer WTG8640SGC

AED 2,999.00

Hisense A+ + Free standing 8/5 KG front load washer Dryer1400 RPM N, Premium Titanium color, Snowflake Drum.

AED 2,199.00

Hisense Twin Tub Washing Machine 7 KG Wash Capacity: 8.0Kg, Spin Capacity: 5.6Kg 1250 RPM, White & Black

AED 696.00

Hisense WDBL1014VT Front Load Washer Dryer 10 kg Wash/7 kg Dry, Titanium

AED 2,999.00

Samsung 18 Kg Top Load Washer with Active Dual wash

AED 4,493.00

Essential Buying Guide for Washing Machines

So here is an essential buying guide that can help you with your buying choices:

1. Top-Load and Front-Load

As the name suggests, a front-load has the tub door on the front of the machine, and the top load has it on top. The front load washing machines are more advanced and have more wash options when compared to top load washing machines. While front-loads give superior wash quality and have some advanced features, they are considerably more expensive when compared to the top-load machines.

2. The Load Capacity

This is an extremely crucial factor to consider while you go for a washing machine. The right load capacity would be dependent on the number of clothes you wash at any given point in time and the number of people in your family. Also take into account less frequent clothes like your bed sheets, carpets and the likes that you may need to wash. Larger families with greater wash loads would need a higher load capacity.

3. Wash Settings and Drum Material

If you have tiny humans at home who give you washing challenges and tough stains every day, then you should go for a washing machine that has advanced wash features. Check if it has features like pre-soak, temperature control, rotary controls and fuzzy logic for optimum wash results. Depending on the kind of water you get and your usage level, go for a drum that is resistant to all the wear and tear. Plastic drums are more durable when compared to those made of enamel and porcelain. However, if your usage is going to be very high, it is better to go for a steel dru

4. Automatic Washing Machine/Fully Automatic Washing Machine

If you live in an area that doesn’t have a conducive climate for drying of clothes, you must go for a fully automatic machine that quickly air dries your clothes. You can choose a semi-automatic one for arid and windy areas where you can easily dry your clothes. So then, which washing machine is best in UAE? While there are many leading brands, Siemens and Hitachi are two of the best washing machine brands in the UAE. Both these brands specialize in front and top load models that come in load capacities ranging from 6kgs to 20kgs. The basic front load model comes with a selectable stain level, door and tub clean feature, time saver option and many other interesting features that can help you with your laundry. The washing machine price in UAE starts from around AED 1,106 and goes up to AED 4,093 based on the features and load capacity that you choose.

Buy Washing Machines Online at Jumbo

Compare models and check reviews before you buy washing machine online. At Jumbo, you can buy a washing machine online in UAE at competitive prices. You get all the latest models of the best washing machine brands in one place, bundled with great deals and offers.

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