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Buy PS5 Online at the Best Price in Dubai, UAE

Looking to buy the latest Sony PlayStation gaming console in Dubai, UAE? Look no further than Jumbo Electronics! As an authorized retailer, Jumbo Electronics offers the PS5 and PS5 digital edition, along with a range of PS5 bundles and accessories. Experience the amazing performance and next-gen graphics of Sony's latest gaming console, which offers a futuristic gaming experience like never before. PS5 is also set to feature an upcoming VR experience tailored to the PlayStation 5, along with a range of exciting gaming titles and accessories. At Jumbo Electronics, Sony PlayStation 5 price ranges between AED1589 to AED 2249 in Dubai, UAE. 

PlayStation 5 Specifications and Design 

It is said that PlayStation 5 is 5.5 times as powerful as the PlayStation 4 and 2.5 times more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro. You’ll also experience the content at resolutions as high as 8K and frame rates up to 120 per second. The console contains a custom GPU from AMD based on its RDNA-2 architecture. Its peak performance is 10.8 teraflops. The variable-frequency CPU comes with a maximum clock speed of 3.5 GHz alongside a unique storage solution that can be expanded later on as per customers’ needs. Both the PS5 and its Digital Edition have the same exterior looks. It comes in two tones - white and black with white dominating over black.  

Sony PlayStation 5 exteriors are extremely sleek and smart which grabs everyone’s attention in one go. The front panel of PlayStation 5 consists of one USB-A 2.0 port one, one USB-C port, and a power button while the rear part consists of two USB-A 3.0 ports, a gigabit Ethernet port, an HDMI 2.1 port, and power input. 

New Arrival For PS5 2023 

The web-slinging hero is here with its own console, experience gaming like never before with the PlayStation 5 console (disc) - Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition and play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 where breathtaking visuals, iconic characters, and supercharged gameplay unite to deliver an extraordinary gaming experience 

What PS5 Accessories are there? 

Sony PlayStation 5 is accompanied by a wireless controller, the DualSense. It connects with the console via Bluetooth 5.1. The dual sense features touchpad, six-axis motion sensing, a mono speaker, and a headset. 

Difference between PS5 console and PS5 Digital Edition: 

PS5 is a standard console while PS5 Digital is a standard console without the optical drive. Both the models come with the same hardware configuration otherwise. 

What types of games PS5 will have?

You can expect all kinds of games that a console must have included Call of Duty, Fornite, Destiny, NBA 2K, FIFA and more. Apart from this, check out the latest Spider-Man 2 and also the console exclusives as announced by Sony during its Future of Gaming event will also make their debut. These include Astro’s Playroom, Death loop, Project Athia, Returnal, and many more.

What does the PS5 bundle include? 

The PS5 bundle includes the console itself, a wireless controller, a charging station, a wireless headset, a media remote, and an HD camera.