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Buy Hand Juicer Machines, Electric Juicer Online at the Best Prices and Offers in Dubai, UAE

Are you craving a healthy lifestyle? Jumbo Electronics is here to bring you the best juicers from renowned brands. Get every fruit’s distinctive taste and whole nutrients with a juicer suitable for your budget and requirements. Explore our website, one of the best online shopping destinations for juicers, at great prices and offers in the UAE! Get your juicer delivered to your doorstep to embark on a healthy journey.  Choose a juicer based on your needs, as there are different models like centrifugal, citrus and masticating, each known for its function. Read below the best brands and models you can find on Jumbo, along with helping you get the best type for your home!

Types of Juicers: Which one to Buy?

The three types of juicers are citrus, centrifugal, and masticating. While the centrifugal type is more affordable and makes juice faster, it yields dry pulp. Masticating models give the maximum yield, but these may take a while to make juice, and the citrus juicers can be used only for lemons, oranges, and other citrus family fruits. Based on your needs, choose one type that suits you best and here are the top brands you can find in Dubai:

The Best Juicers from Top Brands – Aarke, SMEG, Philips and more!


Aarke juicers are known for their sleek Scandinavian design and supreme build. Its minimalist aesthetic approach and stainless-steel models make it an excellent addition to any kitchen! The Aarke is not just a brand known for its looks, but it also has outstanding cold press technology for maximum juice from fruits and vegetables, perfect for freshness and flavor. While Aarke juicers are pricier, the user-friendly features are unbeatable and ideal for houses with kids due to their smooth operation. If design, performance, and quality are your primary features in a juicer, choose this brand! You can find models like Carbonator 3 BlackChrome and White on Jumbo, whose top features include easy operation and lightweight models.   


Smeg juicers have bright yet soothing color options that direct everyone’s eyes towards your kitchen! They are available in centrifugal and slow juicing varieties with impressive juice yield and pulp separation. Since Smeg juicers are made of die-cast aluminum and stainless steel, they tend to last long. With their retro designs and competitive prices, you have a juicer that can yield more quantity from any fruit available!  


If you want to select the right home juicer from different varieties and price ranges, Philips is your brand! While its priorities are user-friendliness and affordable price ranges, it has features like automatic pulp ejection, dishwasher-safe parts, large feed tubes and more! Try the Avance collection HR1922, with 1200W and Fiberboost Technology, for maximum juice yield.


Which juicer is best for home use?

For speed and affordability, go for the centrifugal model. For the highest yield and nutrient preservation – try masticating juicers. Choose the one that you need the most for your family.  

Which is the best quality juicer?

The durable one, which performs the best, especially when you need large quantities of juice, is the best model. You can choose Aarke and Philips for this.  

Which is the best, a blender or a juicer?

While blenders are for thicker drinks, whole fruits and juicers are for juices that have the most nutrients since these give pure juice. Choose either one based on your dietary needs.