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Buy Tripods & Monopods Online at the Best Price in Dubai, UAE

Looking to capture the perfect shot? Look no further! Jumbo Electronics Dubai offers a wide range of tripods and monopods online, catering to all your photography needs. Elevate your photography game with our premium selection of camera tripods, perfect for DSLRs and smartphones. Whether you're a travel enthusiast, vlogger, or professional photographer, we have the ideal tripod. Our collection includes:

  • Travel tripods for on-the-go convenience.  

  • Vlogging tripods for content creators.  

  • Tabletop tripods for close-up shots.  

With Jumbo Electronics, you can expect the best prices and top-notch quality on outdoor and professional tripods. Don't miss out on capturing those unforgettable moments!

Tripods at the Best Prices in Dubai, UAE  

Finding the perfect tripod at the best prices is a breeze! When buying tripods, consider key factors like size, ensuring it suits your photography needs, and weight, for easy portability. Stability is crucial for steady shots, so choose a tripod with a sturdy build. Take into account your camera or device type to ensure compatibility. Additionally, the type of tripod head (pan-tilt, ball head, etc.) affects versatility. At Jumbo Electronics, prices start from an affordable AED 79.00 and go up to AED 499.00 for top-quality Hama tripods. This wide selection allows you to capture exceptional shots without breaking the bank.

Types of Tripods: Camera tripods, smartphones at Best offers in UAE  

Jumbo Electronics offers an extensive range of tripods at unbeatable prices, catering to various photography needs. Here are the types of tripods available for both mobile devices and cameras:  

 Mobile Tripods:

  1. Phone Tripod: Designed to hold smartphones securely, providing stability for capturing photos and videos.  

  2. Selfie Stick Tripod: Combining the functionality of a traditional selfie stick with tripod legs, allowing for versatile shooting options.  

  3. Tripod Stand for Phone: A portable stand exclusively for mobile devices, ensuring steady shots during live streaming, video calls, or content creation.  

  4. iPhone Selfie Stick: Specifically tailored for iPhones, offering seamless integration and enhanced shooting capabilities.  

  5. Mobile Video Stand: Ideal for recording stable videos with mobile phones, making it perfect for vlogging, online tutorials, and more.  

  6. Camera Stand: A basic support system for point-and-shoot cameras, offering stability during photography sessions.  

  7. Camera Tripod: A versatile and adjustable tripod designed for larger cameras, ensuring precise framing and stability for all types of photography.  

  8. GoPro Tripod: Specifically crafted for cameras, delivering stability during adventurous activities and outdoor shoots.  

  9. DSLR Tripod: Sturdy and robust tripods can accommodate DSLR cameras, providing professional-level stability for high-quality photography.  

  10. Camera Stand Price: Budget-friendly camera stands that offer reliability without compromising quality.

No matter your photography requirements, Jumbo Electronics has the perfect tripod to elevate your shooting experience. With their best offers, you can find the ideal tripod to suit your budget and easily capture stunning moments.  

Tripod Brands: Hama, Switch, Manfrotto, Xiaomi at Jumbo Electronics  

Jumbo Electronics has a diverse selection of top-quality tripod brands to meet all your photography and videography needs. Let's jump into the offerings from Hama, Switch, Manfrotto, and Xiaomi:

  • Hama: Hama is synonymous with reliability and affordability. The "Star 700 EF Digital" tripod, 125-3D, is an excellent choice for amateur photographers and comes at an unbeatable price of AED 79.00. For those seeking more advanced features, the "Star 61" tripod, 153-3D, priced at AED 109.00, offers enhanced stability and flexibility.  

  • Switch: Switch introduces innovative products that combine multiple functionalities. The Switch mini tripod selfie stick, priced at AED 119.00, is perfect for capturing selfies on the go. Its compact design makes it an ideal travel companion for content creators and social media enthusiasts.  

  • Manfrotto: Manfrotto is renowned for its premium-grade tripods. Expect exceptional build quality and reliability, making Manfrotto a top choice for professional photographers and videographers.  

  • Xiaomi: Xiaomi presents the MI tripod selfie, a budget-friendly option priced at AED 99.00. Despite its affordable price, this tripod maintains a sturdy design, allowing users to capture steady shots for their smartphones.  

At Jumbo Electronics, you can explore these fantastic tripod options from Hama, Switch, Manfrotto, and Xiaomi, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your photography journey. Whether you're a hobbyist or a seasoned pro, these trusted brands have got you covered.   


What is the starting price of tripods?  

The starting price of Hama tripods is AED 79.00.

What are all the main factors for buying a tripod?  

The main factors for buying a tripod are:

  • Stability: Ensuring the tripod can support the weight of your camera or device and maintain steady shots, even in challenging conditions.  

  • Height and Size: Consider the tripod's maximum height and compactness when folded to suit your shooting style and portability needs.  

  • Compatibility: Check if the tripod suits your camera or smartphone and supports any additional accessories you might require, such as different tripod heads or mounts.  

Which is the best tripod for a beginner with a limited budget?  

The best tripod for a beginner with a limited budget is the "Hama Star 61" tripod. It balances affordability and essential features, making it an excellent choice for those starting their photography journey.  

Which is better for vlogging, SwitchPod or GorillaPod?  

The GorillaPod is generally considered better for vlogging due to its flexible legs that can be wrapped around objects for creative and stable filming angles. At the same time, the SwitchPod offers a more straightforward and quick setup for handheld vlogging.  

What is the best tripod for photography?  

The best tripod for photography is the Manfrotto 190XPRO Aluminum 3-Section Tripod. It provides excellent stability, versatility, and precise adjustments, making it a top choice for professional photographers.  

What's the best tripod to do vlogging?  

The best tripod for vlogging is the Joby GorillaPod. Its flexible legs allow you to wrap it around objects or use it as a handheld grip, providing stability and creative shooting angles for vloggers on the go.  

What is a recommended travel tripod that's also good for DSLR video?  

The MeFOTO RoadTrip Aluminum Travel Tripod is recommended for travel photography and DSLR video. It is lightweight, compact, and provides excellent stability, making it ideal for capturing steady shots and smooth video footage on the go.