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Buy Beverage Cooler Online at the best price in Dubai, UAE

Beverage coolers provide storage space for stocking up on your favorite's drinks. There is a vast array of models out there for sale, and it can be daunting to decide which products to go for. has the best collection of beverage coolers in the market. Shopping online on the platform is easy since all you have to do is read beverage cooler reviews on the website and go through features before choosing to make your purchase. Jumbo has big brands like Terim and Vestfrost, and consumers can avail themselves of great discounts depending on the season.

How to Choose a Beverage Cooler

You might be overwhelmed with the number of options and brands presented when going shopping for a beverage cooler. Choosing the perfect beverage cooler is all about selecting the best features at the right price. You want to ensure that you get enough space to stock up on your drinks. Whether you're planning to buy beverage cooler online in UAE for storing your sodas or need one for your vintage wine collection, here is what you need to consider before buying. 

Choose the Right Size - Depending on what types of drinks you want to store; a wine cooler is best suited for safely holding bottles. If you're planning to stock up soda cans or bottled beverages, you can go for smaller capacity refrigerators. If you have adequate space, you can go for mid-capacity to large-capacity beverage coolers since they are larger. 

Location - Where will you be installing your beverage cooler? Will you be relocating often, or will it remain in the same place permanently? Are you the type who travels a lot? Think about your lifestyle preferences before choosing the right model. 

Consider Budget - Don't splurge your whole budget on a beverage cooler. Start simple and make an exchange for a better one in the future. Outdoor beverage coolers can be a bit pricier because they're designed to withstand harsh environments. Free-standing beverage coolers give you the most flexibility since you can install them anywhere without worrying about location restrictions.


Energy Consumption - Whether you're going for a portable beverage cooler or a built-in model, you have to factor in energy consumption. Energy Star certified products consume up to 20% to 40% less energy than most electronic items. Look for the emblem on your beverage bottle cooler if you're serious about cutting down on electricity bills without sacrificing performance.


What Is the Difference Between a Beverage Cooler and a Refrigerator?

A beverage cooler is specifically designed to store beer, soda, and wine. Most beverage coolers boast a compact, impressive design and come with a transparent door.  

There are temperature control settings that let consumers adjust the rate of cooling, and the sizes of these models are perfect for stocking up juices, sodas, and a variety of other drinks. Refrigerators, on the other hand, take up more space in the kitchen. They're larger and aren't portable. 

Most refrigerators use more power than beverage coolers and also cost more. The build and design matter too and refrigerators cannot be customized. Although they are bigger, refrigerators are designed for general purpose use in the kitchen, letting consumers store not just drinks but kitchen essentials, spices, meals, and a variety of other items too.


Where Can You Buy a Beverage Cooler? 

Buying beverage coolers online is your best bet since you can compare features and shop from the latest brands. Jumbo is an online platform that connects consumers with the best beverage cooler deals in the market. 

You can customize the shelving options for your beverage fridge. Add more trays or remove them as you like. Models like the Vestfrost beverage cooler feature a stylish and sleek finish, starting at AED 4,699. The compressors paired with these coolers produce zero vibration, and the coolers are ergonomically designed. 

A unit like the Terim beverage cooler is great for holding bottles and has a sturdy frame. There are many more excellent options online, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. 

What Is the Best Temperature for Beverage Coolers?

The majority of beverage coolers are designed to drop to cooling temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The best cooling temperatures for these products range between 7 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius. You can find the ideal beverage cooler fridge online on Jumbo by simply browsing the product catalogue.  

Looking for the perfect beverage cooler price in the UAE? Jumbo will help you out! There are price filtering tools and options on the platform to sort beverage coolers based on brand and features. 

You can find the best beverage cooler online by using Jumbo's search bar. Start shopping for your dream soda or wine cooler today and get the best deals on Jumbo!