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Latest Tablets at Best Price Online in UAE

Enjoy entertainment on the go and always stay updated with what’s going around the world. Be it for s a long commute to the workplace or needing assistance in a remote location, an Android tablet, iPad, Window tablet can be your perfect companion.  Well, a tablet by your side will act as your virtual assistant that will help you gain information on your desired topic anytime, anywhere! A tablet comes in various sizes and can bridge the gap between a laptop and a smartphone, providing incredible features and options to help you have the best of both worlds. If you are looking to buy tablets online in UAE, Jumbo Electronics is where you will get the best tablets deals and offers. Shop online the latest released, most popular, and bestselling tablets from top brands like Samsung Tablets, Apple iPad, Lenovo tablets, Huawei Tablets in Dubai, UAE.

Shop Tablets from the Latest Brands: Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Huawei with Best Offers

When buying a tablet, the brand becomes an important consideration. This is because tablets can sync easily with multiple devices, like the BlueTooth headphones, wireless speakers, smartwatches, and fitness trackers, and easily share data with your smartphone or laptop. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab:  Samsung Galaxy Tablet S9, S8

Dive into the Samsung Galaxy Tab range, where you'll discover tablets that feel like unique companions tailored just for you. Meet the star of the show, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, delivering a top-notch experience with its breathtaking display and enhanced performance. If you're all about efficiency for multitasking, your go-to mate is the Tab S8. For a perfect blend of affordability and functionality in your daily life, the Tab A7 is the trusty friend you've been looking for. Stepping up in the A series, the Tab A9+ becomes your versatile companion, ensuring productivity and entertainment features are at your fingertips whenever you're on the move. It's like having a group of friends with diverse strengths, all ready to meet your tech needs.

Buy Latest Apple Tablets iPad: iPad 10th Generation, iPad Pro M2

Presenting the Apple iPad line, where every tablet is carefully designed to be your travel companion. The iPad Pro is a premium product, the epitome of innovation, designed specifically for professionals and those pursuing creative endeavours. The iPad Air is the best option for people who lead active lives since it combines performance and portability in a stylish package. The 10th-generation iPad is the ideal option if you're looking for something small without sacrificing performance. It offers a good mix between cost and value. The 2022 iPad Pro with the M2 Chip is a formidable force equipped to handle a spectrum of tasks, from content creation to gaming, with exceptional speed and efficiency. The iPad 9th Gen 10.2-inch upholds the tradition, offering a congenial and reliable companion for everyday endeavours. Each iPad within this collection symbolizes a sophisticated tech ally, poised to enhance both the style and practicality of your technological pursuits.

Huawei Tablets: 

Explore the wide range of Huawei MatePad tablets, where each model brings a unique character. The Huawei MatePad 11.5 brings both, style and functionality, delivering a premium experience with its top-notch display and advanced features. For those in search of a versatile companion, the HUAWEI MatePad SE offers efficiency at its core. It comes with a user-friendly interface and essential features tailored for on-the-go productivity. Next in line is the Huawei MatePad Air. The tablet combines sleek design with robust performance, catering to modern users who appreciate a seamless interface for multitasking and content consumption. In this MatePad lineup, each tablet feels like a distinctive friend, ready to enhance your lifestyle with a blend of style and practicality, ensuring there's an ideal choice for every user.

Lenovo Tablet: 

The tech giant, Lenovo, brings its tablet series to cater to diverse needs. The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus offers a budget-friendly mix of performance and a vibrant display, suitable for daily tasks. The Lenovo Tab M9 focuses on convenience with a compact design for multitasking and content consumption. The flexible Lenovo Yoga stays true to its name. The tablet adapts to various modes, enhancing both productivity and entertainment. Taking it up a notch, the LENOVO Yoga 11 offers innovative design and performance for seamless transitions between work and play. Each tablet brings unique features, ensuring there's an ideal choice for users seeking affordability, convenience, versatility, or innovation.  

Tablets Price in Dubai, UAE

Tablets Models

Price in UAE

Apple iPad Pro M2 Chip (2022) Wifi 256GB 12.9Inch

AED 4,799

Apple iPad 10th Gen A14 Bionic (2022) Wifi+Cellular 256GB 10.2-Inch

AED 3,049

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ 5G Exynos 1380 12GB 256GB 12.4" Tablet

AED 2,599

Huawei Matepad Air-53013XMU Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 12GB RAM 256GB SSD WiFi 11.5'' Tablet

AED 2,299

Apple iPad 10th Gen A14 Bionic (2022) Wifi 64GB 10.9Inch

AED 1,749

LENOVO Yoga 11 TB-ZAC00000AE 4GB SSD 64GB SSD 10.3" Tablet

AED 1,699

Honor Pad X9 Tablet – WiFi 128GB 4GB 11.5inch

AED 799

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ Qualcomm SM6375 4GB 64GB 11.0" Tablet

AED 799


AED 399


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