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Apple Watch SE

Buy Apple Watch SE (2023) - 44mm - GPS + Cellular - Sports Band

Buy Apple Watch SE (2023) - 44mm - GPS + Cellular - Sports Loop

Buy Apple Watch SE (2023) - 40mm - GPS + Cellular - Sports Band

Buy Apple Watch SE (2023) - 40mm - GPS + Cellular - Sports Loop

Buy Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation Online at the Best Price in Dubai, UAE

To take your fitness to the next level, Apple has come up with its latest smartwatch. No more waiting since the smartwatch has been available starting 16/09/2022! Get the Apple Watch SE at a low price when you shop at Jumbo in UAE. Step out in style withnew colors that match your personality. The latest Apple Watch has powerful new sensors that alert you in case of an emergency.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation) Price in UAE

Apple Watch Models

Price in UAE

Apple Watch SE GPS - 40mm

AED 999

Apple Watch SE GPS - 44mm

AED 1,119

Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular - 40mm

AED 1,199

Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular - 44mm

AED 1,319

What are the Specifications of the Apple Watch SE 2?

Here are some reasons why the latest Apple Watch SE is so popular among users:

  • Size: You can choose from two different sizes depending on your needs. The smaller one measures 40 mm, and the larger one is 44 mm. 

  • Protection & Security: With the Apple watch SE 2 40mm, you protect yourself and your home! Control lights, the garage door, or your locks with the smartphone. You can monitor anyone near your front door since the phone accesses the security camera.

  • Display: When you buy the Apple Watch SE 2, you get around 1000 nits of Retina Display. This version offers a much brighter display. You can read your watch clearly, even during extremely strong sunlight. Just tap your wrist to activate it! 

  • Sensors: Your safety is the priority of the Apple Watch SE 2 40mmThere are a number of preventive features like:

  • Crash Detection: The smartwatch alerts emergency services during a car crash

  • Sleep Quality: It measures both Awake and REM sleep and sends alerts if there is any abnormality

  • Monitors vitals: Your pulse and heart rate are measured, and any fluctuations are reported. 

  • Battery: The latest Apple Watch SEhas a longer battery life than the previous model. You can work hassle-free for more than 18 hours and work at 25 to 50% battery capacity.

  • Colors: The Apple Watch SE 2 40mmcomes in 3 stunning colors. They are Midnight, Silver, and Starlight.

  • Storage: The 32GB internal memory storage is twice what the earlier model offered. You can download the apps of your choice and enjoy an immersive experience without worries! 

Top Advanced Features of the Brand-new Apple Watch SE 2

What makes your fitness partner so reliable? Here are some top reasons: 

  1. 1000 nits Brightness: The 1000-nit Retina display ensures perfect visibility even under the scorching sun! You can read all your heartbeat and other vital signs in a hassle-free manner. 

  2. Fall Detection: An accidental fall can happen anytime during a workout or while doing your normal chores. The latest Apple Watch SE keeps an eye on you 24 x 7 and alerts emergency services if you fall.

  3. Crash Detection: In the unfortunate event of a car crash, the smartwatch has you covered. It alerts emergency services immediately for prompt medical attention.

  4. High and Low Heart Rate and Irregular Rhythm Notifications: An irregular heart rate can be fatal. The Apple Watch SE 2 40mm notifies you early so that you can stop the workout and get yourself checked by your doctor.

  5. Compass Backtrack and Redesigned Compass App: Worried about getting lost? Stop worrying since the smartwatch has a GPS-enabled Compass Backtrack feature that helps you navigate out of any location or situation!

  6. 18-Hour Battery: With the low power mode, the Apple Watch SE 2 40mmgives you full performance even at 25 to 50% battery levels. You can work out without worrying your battery will run out of power! Just ensure that your GPS is turned off since it reduces battery life. 

  7. L1 GPS: Go for your run without worrying about losing track! The L1 GPS is automatically activated when you go running, and you get your location and the distance run. Deactivate the heart-rate feature since it shrinks your battery when you run.

  8. W3 Wireless Chip: The W3 wireless chip with the S5 processor makes your Apple smartwatch faster compared to the S3 processor.

  9. Cheaper Than Previous Version: At AED 999, the Apple watch SE 40mm price is cheaper than SE1.

  10. Latest S8Chip: The S8 chip in the latest Apple Watch SE means apps open faster, and you can monitor any fluctuations in your heart rate and other vital signs easier.

Latest Apple Watch Series 2 Specifications

Best affordability watch with all specifications like:

  • Faster Processor: A new S8 SiP for up to 20% faster performance ensures graphics-based apps load much faster. Along with a W3 Apple Wireless Chip.

  • Cycle Tracking: Track your health while cycling and record symptoms like cramping so you can cycle more efficiently.

  • Sensor Upgrades: The Apple Watch SE 2 40mmmakes workouts and life safer with sensor upgrades like crash detection, fall detection, international emergency calling, and emergency SOS.

  • Design and Size: The larger display at 44 mm and 40 mm makes reading information much easier. The watch design uses three different materials: ceramic, stainless steel, and aluminium. You have multiple options for bands too. 

Latest Apple Watch SE 2: Specialized Colours Available

The latest Apple Watch SEhas different colors for different occasions:

Midnight: This deep navy-blue color band perfectly blends with the aluminium casing of your smartwatch. 

Starlight: This stunning band is a beautiful combination of rose gold and silver to give you a classy 'champagne' look. 

Silver: watch comes in a silver aluminium case with a sports band.

Apple Watch Price in Dubai, UAE

Model Price (AED) Noteworthy Features

Apple Watch SE


  • Swim-proof feature makes this Apple smartwatch water-resistant up to 50 metres

Apple Watch Series 8


  • IP6X dust-resistant making it more durable than the other watches
  • Mobile connectivity and family setup available

Apple Watch Ultra


  • Toughest smartwatch with the MIL-STD 810H certification
  • Widest display at 49 mm
  • 2000 nit Always-on Retina display 

In life or during a workout, staying safe is essential. Your health is in good hands with the Apple Watch SE 240mm,which has smart sensors for timely health alerts. Check Apple Smartwatch prices on Jumbo and get one now!


1. Is it worth getting the SE Apple Watch?

With a faster processor, smart sensors for accident or health alerts, a wider display, and an affordable price, it is worth getting the SE Apple Watch. 

2. When will the Apple Watch SE launch?

The Apple Watch SE 2 40mmwas launched on 16/9/2022.

3. Is Apple Watch SE cheaper in Dubai?

With hefty discounts and bundle deals, the Apple Watch SE price in Dubai is cheaper only at

4. What sizes does the Apple Watch SE come in?

The latest Apple Watch SE has two different display sizes for you, 44mm and 40mm.

5. How many colors are there in Apple Watch SE?

There are three attractive colors to choose from, Midnight, Starlight, and Silver. 

6. What features does Apple Watch SE have?

The latest Apple Watch SE is faster than the previous version with an S8 processor. It has a wider 2000-nit Always-on Retina display for clearer display even during extreme sunlight. The smart sensors protect you during a workout and in case of accidents.