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Buy Air Conditioners (AC) Online at the Best Prices in Dubai, UAE | Top Offers and Deals

Beat the Dubai heat the smart way with air conditioners (AC)! Jumbo Electronics offers a wide range of energy efficient ACs from top brands, right from compact window units to powerful split AC. Enjoy significant electricity bill savings with innovative convertible technology. Shop online for unbeatable prices, convenient browsing, and fast delivery. Choose the perfect AC for your needs and budget with window, split, floor standing, and portable options available right from 0.75 tons to 2 tons. Shop air conditioners online at the best price in Dubai based on type and capacity at Jumbo Electronics online! 

Which Type of AC to Buy?

  • Split AC: These ACs are the most common today and are energy efficient with the lowest noise operative suitable for medium-sized rooms. 
  • Portable Air Conditioner: Hisense portable air conditioners are quite easy to install and convenient to use, and their cross-flow fan design makes them noise-free. However, they are comparatively less efficient. 
  • Window Air Conditioner: This Highly efficient and super cooling Hisense AC delivers long airflow distance. These are cheaper, easy to operate and the best option for air circulation in smaller rooms.
  • Tower AC: Hisense tower AC provides long-distance airflow with a 24/7 hours timer. They comprise of two units and while indoor unit can be placed at a corner, the external unit is installed outside to basically throw out the warm air. Pretty similar to a Split AC actually. 
  • Floor Standing AC: With the perfect blend of the atmosphere decor, it ensures high performance of cooling and air purifier operation. The Floor Standing AC is easier to access and doesn’t take much space.
  • Wall Mounted AC: Beat the heat with the two modes of super cooling power modes with wall-mounted Hisense AC. They are similar split AC(s) when the indoor unit is mounted on the wall and the outdoor unit can be either placed on the wall or even just the ground. 

Air Conditioner (AC) Price in Dubai, UAE

Air Conditioners

Price (AED)

Hisense Ton Floor Standing AC 3.0 T

AED 4,699.00

AC-288 Crownline Evaporative Air Cooler 96 Liters

AED 1,049.00

Hitachi 2.5 Tonnage AC

AED 3,999.00

Hitachi 1.5 Tonnage AC

AED 2,599.00

Hisense Ton Floor Standing AC 4.0 T

AED 5,699.00

Hisense Window AC 1.5 T

AED 1,499.00

Hisense Ton Floor Standing AC 5.0 T

AED 6,949.00

Hisense Wall Split Rotary 1.0 T

AED 1,499.00



  1. What is the difference between split and window AC units?


  1. Split vs. Window ACs: 

Split: More efficient, quieter, powerful for larger spaces, but requires installation. 

Window: Affordable, easy to install, but noisy, less powerful, and protrudes from window.


  1. What should I consider when purchasing an AC online?


  1. Here are things you should consider when buying AC Online-
  • Compare prices and features: Use online tools to ensure you get the best deal. 
  • Read reviews: Check user experiences for real-world insights. 
  • Consider warranty and return policies: Opt for retailers with good customer service.


  1. How do I determine the right size AC for my room?


  1. Here is how to determine and choose the right AC Size: 
  • Consider room size and insulation: Larger rooms and poor insulation require more power. 
  • BTU rating: Higher BTUs offer more cooling power. Consult online guides for recommendations. 
  • Seek expert advice: Ask professionals for personalized recommendations based on your space.


  1. Which is the best AC (Air conditioner) brand in UAE for home?


  1. Best AC Brand-Depends on your needs and budget: Research popular brands like LG, Samsung, Hisense, and Mitsubishi.
  2. Is 1 ton of AC enough for a bedroom?


  • A 1 Ton AC for Bedroom is generally enough for a bedroom. However, here are factors that influence whether it is enough. 
  • Depends on factors like size, climate, and insulation: 1 ton may be sufficient for smaller bedrooms. 
  • Use online BTU calculators: Input your room details for a more accurate recommendation. 
  • Consult with an AC specialist: They can assess your specific needs and suggest the best size.


  1. Where to buy AC Online in UAE?


  1. Jumbo Electronics is one of the best places to buy AC Online in UAE. Compare prices across different retailers: Ensure you get the best value for your budget.


  1. Which air conditioner is best for home use?


  1. Best AC for Home Use: Depends on your priorities: Consider factors like efficiency, noise level, features, and budget. Research inverter technology: Offers energy savings and quieter operation. Look for features like air purification and smart control: Enhance your comfort and convenience.


  1. How do I decide which AC is suitable for my room in terms of capacity?


  1. Here is how you can determine a suitable AC Capacity: 
  2. Room size and insulation are key factors: Use online calculators or consult professionals.
  3. Consider window size and sunlight exposure.
  4. Account for number of occupants: More people generate more heat and require higher capacity.


  1. What is the price of AC in UAE?


  1. AC Prices in UAE Range from AED 800 for window units to AED 5,000+ for high-end split ACs. Price depends on brand, features, size, and retailer: Compare prices before buying. Look for seasonal sales and promotions: Get the best value for your money.

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